Recent changes to VoiceIt's Developer Platform

API 1.0We have been working on a new Voice Biometrics engine that uses artificial intelligence and neural nets to verify a user's voice. We are hoping to have this in place along side with our other biometrics engines to further increase the accuracy and usability rates of our voice biometrics technology.
API 1.0We have added a new Response Code called STTF to both Enrollment and Authentication API calls in JSON Responses where the Speech-To-Text-Engine fails. Thus, helping developer's easily adjust and determine their business logic based on that response as oppose to similar calls previously being marked as ATF (Authentication Failed) or ENF (Enrollment Failed).
Web DemoUpdated code for the web demo to clear a user's enrollment, and restart the process after three auth fails.
Sign UpAdded a proper email verification to the signup procedure, that makes sure the email is verified before sending any more emails ( including the welcome email ) to the account.
Sign UpCompiled a dynamic list of temporary email domains, to prevent people from signing up with bogus emails.
WebsiteWe have now moved our FAQs that were previously hidden at the bottom of the API Docs to the front page of our website and also added it to our navigation bar menu (making it easy to find) and created a dedicated page for them at They have also reviewed and updated with the latest answers and suggestions.
ConsoleThe default confidence for your developer account which we set and adjust based on your activity and use case can now be viewed( but not modified, please contact us if you feel it should be adjusted ) on the settings page of the developer console.
StatusWe have moved our status page to an external third party service powered by and have implemented more 3rd party monitoring systems, to ensure a high uptime rate and comply with our service level agreement. You can still view the old API status results and downtime messages at